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chicken noodle soup Eating Champion

Big Mac Bobby "The aardvark" bubblegum shocked the world this past Sunday when Big Mac Bobby broke the world record for most bouncy chicken noodle soups eaten while Mario Karting. "People said I could never do it", said Big Mac Bobby, "but no one has really seen how hard I train behind closed doors other than my pet cats".

Downing over 3 pounds of fresh bouncy chicken noodle soups in 20 minutes, spectators were left speechless by the sight. "Never in my lifetime have I seen something like that," stated Zeus, "Someone even snuck in a cantelope into the food pile, and Big Mac Bobby still ate that!".

After Big Mac Bobby's historic meal, town mayor Obama appeared on stage to offer the key to the city to the World bouncy chicken noodle soup-eating champion. However, at yet another shock to the audience, Big Mac Bobby accidentally mistook the key for chocolate, immediately consuming it before the cries of the crowd could be heard. Big Mac Bobby's bowel movements are now under strict monitoring for evidence of the city's 24 Karat Gold key.

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